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Traditional craftsmanship made in Germany

The high-quality leather is handcrafted by experienced bag-makers using traditional methods. A family business founded in the 19th century, now in its fourth generation, brings this constantly evolving knowledge to life with great skill and an instinct for detail, recalling the former stronghold for fine leather processing in the heart of the Rhine-Main region.


Respectful use of resources

In our choice of materials, we place great importance on sustainability and respecting nature. The high-quality rawhides for the signature collection come primarily from the foothills of the German or Austrian Alps and are processed by a traditional German tannery that committed itself as far back as its second generation to the highest environmental standards. Their aim is to make the manufacturing process more environmentally responsible by employing innovative production technologies, decades of experience and a great passion for this natural raw material. 


Fine materials

Only semi-aniline leathers are used. for the signature collection. One of their distinctive characteristics is that their surfaces are left as close to nature as possible. As open-pored, individual markings remain visible, each piece is unique. Only the finest raw materials are suited to this type of processing. But the beautiful texture isn’t just the result of the careful selection of the rawhides and responsible processing, but also due to only using natural substances in the retanning and fatliquoring. This makes it almost a sensual pleasure to stroke the leather and feel its incredible softness. The importance placed on sustainability and natural methods is also reflected in seemingly minor elements – both the inner lining and dust bags are made of organic linen.